Foreword, edition 2015

“It is with great pleasure that we present the first edition of Plein les Yeux, a new film festival entirely dedicated to French and Francophone cinema.

For its first edition, Plein les Yeux brings to De FilmHallen in Amsterdam a showcase of 33 internationally acclaimed new films produced in France and in French-speaking countries. Through a multifaceted program of premiere screenings, special presentations and meetings with guests, the first edition of Plein les Yeux wants to celebrate the richness and diversity of French cinema, culture, language, art, gastronomy and “art de vivre” with a five-day long, 360° experience!

We are pleased to announce that Plein les Yeux will present two competition programs. The best two films in the categories ‘Best French’ and ‘Best Francophone’ will be awarded by two juries of film professionals. All 14 films screened in competition will be also eligible for an audience award, the Prix TV5MONDE du Public.

“Plein les yeux” is a French idiom that means both ‘eyeful’ and ‘blown away’. When we started to envision the kind of festival we wanted to create, we felt the need of finding a name that would embody the kaleidoscope of drama, humour, suspense and emotion of the films we love. “Plein les yeux” perfectly matched what we had in mind and it is exactly how we want you to feel after an evening or a whole five days with us!

Au plaisir de vous voir au FilmHallen pour notre première édition !”

Isabelle Nobile & Christian Pazzaglia

Plein les Yeux festival directors

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